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I haven’t made any Munday Q’s in a while so here goes.

1: What do you use to make your art?

2: How long have you been “arting”?

3: Do you have a big inspiration?

4: What kind of music do you prefer (if any) while drawing/writing?

5: What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

6: Do you use Mac or PC?

7: What is your favourite character on your blog? (If you have more than one)

8: How do you create your characters?

9: Have you done anything that you are especially proud of?

10: Do you admire any other bloggers?

11: How do you teach yourself to draw new things?

12: How long does it take you to finish an ask?

13: When/how/why did your blog start?

14: How many ask blogs do you have?

15: Do you have a personal/art blog?

16: Whats the hardest part about running your blog/s?

17: Do you have future plans with your characters beyond what they are now?

18: Do you have plans to ever add more characters?

19: Do you do traditional or digital art? Or both?

20: Why do you enjoy tumblr?

21: How long have you been on tumblr?

22: What is your “mod name” and how did you get it?

23: Where in the world are you??

24: How did you get the style you use on this blog, how long did it take to refine it?

25: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

26: What is one sentimental thing that you could never give up?

27: What is the last game you played and really enjoyed?

28: What is the first username you ever had online?

29: If you could change something about your style, what would it be?

30: What is your goal with your art? To entertain, to grow yourself, your characters?


MESSENGER.EXE: ASK US! Before our hard drives run out of space!

((Okay, so here’s the deal:

A while back, I decided that I kinda wanted this blog to have a plot.  I’m finally getting started on that.

Chunks of plot will be divided into chapters, which will have a beginning and an end post with a few in between. Interactions that are silly/have nothing to do with the plot will be saved for interludes between chapters, during which asks will be turned off.

I’m going to be introducing many new characters, and you’re totally encouraged to interact with all of them.  In fact, we’re deviating from the current storyline in the first chapter!  Surprise!  Plenty of new faces to get all up in the grills of.

(Speaking of, I don’t really consider the chatot a sona anymore, so feel free to treat him like any other character.  I may have turned his snark up to eleven.)

Anyway, that’s all!  I’ll try to have chapter 1 up soon!))

((Thank you anon!  More info to come.))

geekyserperior said: Patches in 12.


I really like how this one looks, ooh

Deep!Patches will be worked into canon somehow


[Silly-filler time again!

For those who don’t know (in other words everyone I know on Tumblr), I bought myself a 3DS a month or so ago. I’ve been playing mostly ACNL and Pkmn-Y. Reason being those two are the only games I bought.

Anyway, today I found a tab called “Game notes”, while blipping around and apparently, you can draw stuff in it, so of course I had t draw some porys and other stuff. All of these were drawn from memory. The only thing I looked up was Glitch’s wings, as I couldn’t remember what they looked like, but other than that, this was CMPLETELY from memory.]


I’m even shorter on money than usual lately, so I’d be grateful of anyone who wants to commission me!  Here’s some info:

Sketch - $5

Lineart - $10

Color (flat) - $15

Color (Cel shading) - $20

Color (Soft shading, painting, etc.) - $22

For additional characters, you’ll pay about half of the price for one character.  For a sketch, that’d add $2, for lineart, $5, etc.

Simple/Transparent backgrounds are free.  Settings like a forest, a city, a room, etc, add to the price.

I will draw:

  • character refs
  • portraits
  • fanart
  • nsfw
  • etc.

But not:

  • gore
  • unsanitary fetishes (scat, watersports, etc)
  • ask if you aren’t sure
  • like if you have the slightest doubt in your mind

I offer five slots:


Thank you for taking the time to read through this!  Please send an ask if you’re interested!